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seminar Berlijn 2016
seminar Berlijn 2016
seminar Berlijn 2016
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workshop appèl
Privé les appèl
seminar Duitsland 2015
Workshop appèl
Theorie avond
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
seminar Duitsland 2015
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Privé les appèl
Seminar Amerika 2012
Seminar Amerika 2012
Seminar Amerika 2012
Seminar Amerika 2012

I give seminars and instruction for rescue dogs in the specific training for rescue dog and private lessons for dog sports IPO / VDH / NBG.


But also I  teach and support your dog which is not trained for a job or a dogsport. I come to your home, we go somewhere for a practice field or we go for walks outside.


Usually, depending on our phone or email contact, we begin with an interview and meet with you, your family and your dog (s) in your home. Maybe we will plan follow-up lessons, or you can step forward again with one visit, explanation and exercises.

Each lesson is entirely voluntary, you are not required to take off several lessons. We look at it just one time!


Private lessons Sportdogs obedience
€35 per hour / €17,50 per ½ hour

Do you need help getting your obedience level for your exams/ competitions to get to the next level? I work  with multiple systems, use the clicker, know the training of Ivan Balabanov and Bart Bellon (NePoPo) very well and can therein give the correct building up.


Would you start with lessens first we look where you stand and where I can help. Maybe that's in a total program in obedience  or in specific parts.

Weekend / several days Clinics & Seminars
Please contact me for rates and content >>


Seminars / Group Instruction for::

  • theory workshop buiding up area search / rubble search

  • learn bringsel alert in area search

  • rescue dog training beginner and experts in area search and rubble search 

  • obedience training IPO / IPO-R

For guest lectures: 
Do you want extra help with your rescue group and share moments with your training?With additional tips and ideas to help coninue on your way?
You can contact me for further information. 

Lessons take place at your home, or
elsewhere on location
or at a training field

Home visit and private lessons inside and outside
€50 interview / intake
€40 per hour / €20 per ½ hour

Many dog ​​owners begin a dog without really knowing what problems they may encounter.

A dog can be nice and quiet, busy and disobedient, naughty and mischievous, you name it.

And now you have just that bad and noisy dog ​​in the house!

How do you solve everyday problems with your dog?


a few examples:

- A puppy that bites a lot

- Your dog pulls on the leash

- Your dog misbehaves to other dogs

- Your dog misbehaves when visit is coming inside

- Your dog jumps on the couch / diningtable ....... etc ...


Often it is a matter of quietly and consistently interacting with your dog, so he gets to know the house rules and learns to respect them. And you reward your dog for good behavior. Perhaps you have already read somewhere about that.

But that sounds easier than it is!

I want to help you with that! I'llcome to your home and discuss the unwanted behavior of your dog. I'll give you suggestions and explain the possible solutions. Sometimes even just the intake is enough to continue to work with your dog.with the tips and tricks I can give you. 


Would you like your dog just something better listening to your commands? Then we go out together to work to get the basics mastered: lie, sit, stand, wait, stay, come, etc.

Are there problems when you are out with your dog? Does your dog pull on a leash? Does he behave aggressive? Dare you not to let him run loose without explanation and assistance?

There are many reasons why you'd even want me to join you for a walk. With tips and exercises I help you more comfortable being able to walk with your dog.


You can contact me to discuss the possibilities.

If you live further than 10 km. off my hometown, I also calculate mileage allowance.


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